Land Rover will auction a restored 1990 Range Rover and an opportunity to attend the 25th anniversary Great Divide expedition.  All proceeds from the auction will benefit Tread Lightly! and its goal of promoting responsible outdoor recreation through ethics education and stewardship.

The Range Rover will be auctioned on eBay from August 4-14. The highest bidder will purchase the vehicle and be a guest of Land Rover on a 9-day adventure across some of America’s toughest terrain in the 25th anniversary Great Divide Expedition from September 3-12. The Range Rover will take part in both legs of the Expedition (August 20-28 & September 3-12) and will be delivered to the bidder within 30 days following the end of the Expedition.

The inaugural Great Divide Expedition in the fall of 1989 helped launch Tread Lightly! as a national non-profit focused on fostering an ethic of good stewardship to proactively protect recreation access to America’s lands and waterways.  Land Rover is a founding partner of Tread Lightly!

The 25th anniversary Great Divide Expedition will cover nearly 1,000 miles of unpaved roads and 4x4 trails along a portion of the original Great Divide route. Throughout this expedition, participants will navigate narrow rocky trails with steep drop-offs and mountain passes over 13,000 feet (4,000 meters).

Bid on the 1990 Range Rover Great Divide Expedition Replica:

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Watch the 1989 Great Divide Expedition

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