FEBRUARY 05, 2014

Why Aluminum? Strength. With it comes safety, and aluminum absorbs and dissipates almost twice as much impact as conventional steel.

It absorbs so much that our US roof test found that the aluminum roof was capable of withstanding a force exceeding three times the weight of the entire vehicle. This kind of formidability means that the Range Rover and all-new Range Rover Sport are both more durable and safer than any other line.

While safety is important, another benefit to aluminum is its sustainability. Being the most abundant metallic element on Earth, aluminum is easily and commonly recycled. Our vehicles have always been designed to take on the world and now, they do so with a conscience. The new V6 performs better than previous generations, yet consumes less fuel. Besides being a great alternative for the environment, these two vehicles are made even more impressive by their reduced weight. A lighter body means both are even more fuel efficient, benefiting drivers with increased fuel savings throughout their vehicle’s lifetime.

Unmatchable strength. Responsible sustainability. Surprising efficiency.

That’s bold. And that’s what defines the 2014 Range Rover and all-new 2014 Range Rover Sport.

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Fuel estimates are based on Government of Canada's new 5 cycle testing methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary. Refer to the Government of Canada Fuel Consumption Guide.