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We’re proud that our business is booming and we recognize that this success comes with even greater responsibility to minimize the environmental impact of our operations. It’s a challenge we’re continuing to respond to as we increase manufacturing capacity around the world to meet growing customer demand.


Building for the future 

At Land Rover, we have high standards in everything we do, including the buildings we work in. As we expand, we want to make sure that any new manufacturing facilities we build, such as our new Manufacturing Plant in Wolverhampton, comply with our forward thinking principles and practices.


Sourcing more sustainably

The environmental impact of our operations is not confined to our facilities. In fact, the impacts in our supply chain are greater. So we encourage our suppliers to uphold the same high standards of sustainability as we set ourselves. And we work closely with them to reduce the environmental impact of the products we buy.


Reducing transport impacts

All of our vehicles are designed in the UK, but they are dispatched for sale to no less than 177 countries. How we get them there presents us with more opportunities to think progressively and act efficiently. Such as sharing deliveries with other car manufacturers or reducing delivery miles by sending vehicles directly to dealers instead of via a distribution centre.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Minimizing waste is a core concern for our employees and suppliers. As we grow it becomes more important than ever which is why we remember these three Rs everyday across our manufacturing operations.


Recycled aluminum

We now have a closed loop waste recovery and recycling system at our Castle Bromwich production centre, as well as a trial process at Solihull where our new all-aluminum Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models are manufactured.


Reducing emissions

Using low-carbon or renewable energy reduces our reliance on fossil fuels, and enables us to improve energy security and cut CO2 emissions. Combined with energy-efficient measures, this can help us to reduce absolute CO2 emissions even as our production volumes continue to rise.


Our achievements so far

We have already made some significant improvements in a number of areas, which have considerably reduced our environmental impacts compared to our 2007 levels (as of March 2013)*.

- European tailpipe CO2 down by 21%

- Operational carbon emissions per vehicle down by 21%

- Waste to landfill per vehicle down by 75%

- Water use per vehicle down by 17%

- Carbon emissions from logistics down by 18% per vehicle  


These are just some of the ways we are working to evolve our business and continue to reduce our environmental impact in the future.


*Based on Jaguar Land Rover corporate figures.