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Land Rover Glossary






  • To aid the driver when pulling away on hills, Hill Start Assist retains brake force long enough for the drivers foot to move from the brake pedal to the throttle. This prevents the vehicle from moving and reduces driver workload. Hill Start Assist is engaged automatically, it does not need to be selected.
  • Functioning at very low speeds, between 1.8 and 30 km/h, All Terrain Progress Control (ATPC) helps the driver maintain a steady speed in challenging conditions so you can concentrate on steering and finding your way through obstacles. It also allows you to pull away smoothly, even on low-friction surfaces such as ice, snow or wet grass. See ATPC in action on the Range Rover Evoque Convertible.
  • Land Rover’s patented Hill Descent Control (HDC) is a standard feature on all 4WD Land Rover vehicles. It assists the driver with controlled descents of difficult slopes by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel. The system works automatically to slow the vehicle and maintain the speed relative to the selected gear range and accelerator pedal position.
  • Trailer Stability Assist (TSA) monitors the vehicle stability sensors for disturbances caused by an unbalanced trailer. The vehicle system provides individual brake inputs to correct a potentially hazardous situation.
  • Gradient Release Control® (GRC) progressively releases the brakes when moving away on an incline for maximum control. This system works in both forwards and reverse directions.
  • Gradient Acceleration Control (GAC) has been developed to reduce the feeling of sudden acceleration as a vehicle enters a steep gradient, by pressurising the brake system, Gradient Acceleration Control slows the vehicle to a controlled speed when the vehicle is descending a slope in the driver's intended direction of travel. This feature helps reduce the feeling of increased speed to make descent feel more assured.
  • Terrain Response® is a Land Rover developed system that adjusts your vehicle to engage the optimum settings for any given driving conditions, based on information provided by the driver. It optimizes the vehicle’s engine, transmission, differentials and chassis systems to maximise driveability, comfort and traction no matter what the terrain. Just select the mode that suits the conditions: General Driving, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts and Sand. The vehicle always delivers a confident, assured drive.
  • By monitoring multiple vehicle sensors the Terrain Response® 2 feature automatically adapts various vehicle settings in line with the prevailing conditions to achieve the best possible suspension, powertrain and slip control settings for the conditions. The Terrain Response® 2 feature builds upon the original Terrain Response® system by reducing driver workload and ensuring the vehicle always has the best possible setup for the terrain conditions. It is also possible for the driver to select a different vehicle setup if desired.
  • Land Rover utilises full time 4x4 systems which provide the greatest available torque to the wheels with the most grip. Land Rover 4x4 systems ensure optimum performance, both on and off road, whatever the surface or conditions.
  • A two-speed transfer case with permanent four-wheel drive and a 50:50 torque split. An electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the center differential distributes torque between the front and rear axles; up to 100 percent can be channeled to either axle in extreme conditions, electronic traction-control system further contributes to capability. The transfer case offers selectable low- and high-range, with shift on the move capability at up to 59.5 km/h. Low-range ratio is 2.93:1, providing an extremely low crawl speed for off-road terrain or for towing heavy trailers.
  • Mechanically controlled single speed transfer case with Torsen centre differential. 18kgs lighter than the twin speed transfer case, the single speed offers dynamic performance with a 42/58 percent front-rear torque split, which can range to a 78/22 percent torque split when conditions allow.
  • Low Traction Launch automatically optimises the vehicle for smooth pullaway on low traction surfaces, such as wet grass, ice or snow. Activated from the vehicle’s touchscreen, Low Traction Launch changes throttle map to one which results in a very progressive torque response from the engine, this allows the driver to maximise available grip and minimizes damage to the surface through precise application of torque to the wheels.




  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) monitors the vehicles wheel sensors at all times and will assist the driver to regain vehicle composure if a lack of grip or stability is detected. Dynamic Stability Control applies brake force to each or any of the wheels and will modulate engine output to maximise safety and control.
  • Dynamic Response monitors the amount of body roll produced while driving on uneven roads. The feature is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of body lean during cornering also. Dynamic Response transforms vehicle handling and occupant comfort. If the system detects off-road conditions, the control module adapts the effect of the anti roll bar which allows greater wheel articulation increasing the contact patch between tires and ground, maximizing off road capability and traction.
  • The Adaptive Dynamics system monitors vehicle movements 500 times a second, reacting virtually instantaneously to give greater control and minimizing body roll, providing a composed, flat ride. Adaptive Dynamics is a combination of intelligent sensors and continuously variable suspension dampers. The feature provides the optimum balance of ride comfort and stability control. The system will also sense off-road conditions, and optimize damping accordingly for a refined driving experience.
  • MagneRide monitors vehicle movements 500 times a second, reacting virtually instantaneously to give greater control and minimise body roll, providing a composed, flat ride. MagneRide is a combination of intelligent sensors and continuously variable suspension dampers containing magnetic particles. The feature provides the optimum balance of ride comfort and stability control. The system will also sense off-road conditions, and optimize damping accordingly for a refined driving experience.
  • An intelligent full-time four-wheel-drive system delivers outstanding performance and traction on all surfaces, and continuously varies the torque split front-to-rear. The system is electronically controlled, allowing it to respond to wheel slip and driver demands far faster than a mechanical coupling. This provides excellent off-road capability together with enhanced agility on the road.
  • A revolutionary on-demand driveline technology, Active Driveline can intelligently switch between two- and four-wheel drive as conditions demand, combining both the fuel-saving benefits of two-wheel-drive with the all-terrain capability of four-wheel drive. Four-wheel-drive is continuously engaged to provide large reserves of traction from a standstill, but a clutch completely disconnects the four-wheel-drive hardware when there is no tractive requirement. Should the system detect wheel slip or a more dynamic driving style, four-wheel drive is re-engaged within 350 milliseconds. Two electronically controlled clutches located either side of the rear differential distribute torque to the wheel with most grip.This improves the on-road agility while the rear axle can be entirely "locked" for maximum traction in very slippery conditions. Active Driveline's transition from two- to four-wheel drive is seamless, but drivers can monitor its operation via a dedicated 4x4i screen on the touchscreen display.
  • By monitoring vehicle and terrain characteristics, the Active Rear Locking differential can be constantly adjusted through an computer controlled actuator mounted on the differential, ensuring power is transmitted to the wheels with most available grip. This provides improved cornering stability on road and refined traction, with limited wheelslip, off road.
  • The Torque Vectoring system when combined with the Dynamic Active Rear Locking Differential delivers responsive, controlled cornering and handling through even the tightest of bends. The electronic differential and vehicle’s brake system constantly balance the distribution of engine torque between the four wheels when cornering. The system is also active in off-road conditions using the relevant Terrain Response® settings. It can be very effective in conditions such as sand, where it helps the vehicle turn in and avoid excessive understeer.
  • This system enhances the vehicle’s agility and stability when cornering. It constantly monitors and balances the distribution of torque between all wheels to improve grip and steering whether on or off-road. The system can also increase the rate of turn and reduce understeer by applying the brake on the inside rear wheel, forcing more torque to the outer wheel, thereby aiding stability.
  • DEF, also known as AdBlue®, AUS 32 and ARLA 32, is a non-toxic, colourless, odourless and non-flammable fluid. Stored in a dedicated tank in your car, DEF is injected into the exhaust system to clean exhaust gases.
  • Electronic Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) offers outstanding feedback, control and immediate power assistance. It is active on demand - saving power for when you really need it, as well as saving fuel. Allowing sophisticated computer management to adapt the levels of steering support, EPAS gives you fine control at speed and comprehensive assistance during slow manouevering.
  • EDC mitigates the chance of wheel lock-up caused by strong engine braking in slippery conditions. It acts by briefly increasing torque to the driven wheels as appropriate.
  • When activated, this standard feature prioritises the most efficient vehicle settings, including Automatic Transmission, Active Driveline, heating and air conditioning, to help minimize fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. The ECO data provides the driver with the relevant information via the Touchscreen so more economic driving habits can be adapted.




  • Four-corner air suspension optimizes the vehicle’s articulation and ride height which optimizes comfort, composure and capability. When stationary the air suspension maximizes vehicle versatility by raising or lowering the vehicle height to refine customer ingress / egress. This is also useful for ease of loading luggage or similar items into the vehicle.
  • If the vehicle detects that it is grounded, a temporary additonal clearance is provided to the air suspension system. Extended mode will be automatiically activated to raise the air suspension and provide greater ground clearance. Extended Mode is always available, it does not need to be selected.
    Only available with Electronic Air Suspension (EAS)
  • Gesture Tailgate enables the driver to operate the tailgate from the curbside, without needing to physically touch either the vehicle or the key fob. When the smart key is detected, the feature can be operated by a kicking gesture underneath the vehicle using sensors located on either side of the tailgate.
  • This option presents key vehicle data such as road speed, gear position and navigation instructions on the windshield, without the need for the driver to take their eyes off the road. A world first, this system features holographic techniques which result in superior colour saturation, brightness and contrast. The driver can turn the feature on and off as required.




  • Traffic Sign Recognition keeps you fully informed by displaying particular traffic signs in the instrument cluster where they can easily be seen, and as part of Head-up Display when fitted. The system detects speed limit signs (including variable overhead speed signs) and traffic signs with extra information, such as reduced speeds for wet roads.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control uses radar technology to automatically adjust your speed to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. If that vehicle slows, your Land Rover reduces its speed to maintain a safe distance. Your vehicle resumes its pre-set speed as soon as the road in front is clear. Should the car in front stop completely, the Queue Assist function brings your vehicle to a smooth halt. Once the traffic moves off, touch the accelerator and your vehicle will follow the car in front again.
  • When activated, our Intelligent Speed Limiter uses Traffic Sign Recognition information to adjust your car’s speed accordingly.
  • Our Rear Parking Aid helps make reversing into tight spaces easier and safer. When you select reverse, sensors located in the rear bumper are automatically triggered. As you park, the Touch-screen display and audio feedback indicates how close you are to obstacles.
  • Our Front and Rear Parking Aid helps make manoeuvring even easier and safer. When you select reverse, or choose to activate them manually, sensors located in the front and rear bumpers are triggered. As you park, the Touch-screen display and audio feedback indicates how close you are to obstacles.
  • Our 360ᵒ Parking Aid gives you complete confidence when manoeuvring in tight spaces. Sensors located around the car are automatically triggered when reverse is selected, or can be manually activated, with a graphic appearing on the Touch-screen showing an overhead view of the car. As you park, the Touch-screen display and audio feedback indicates how close you are to obstacles.
  • Our Park Assist system makes parallel parking in a tight spot easier than ever by steering your car into a suitable space. You just have to select the appropriate gear and control the car’s speed. Park Assist will also steer you out of a space, taking all of the stress out of parking. Graphics and notifications guide you through both manoeuvres.
  • Our Park Assist system makes parallel and perpendicular parking easier than ever by steering your car into a suitable space. You just have to select the appropriate gear and control the car’s speed. Park Assist will also steer you out of a space, taking all of the stress out of parking. Graphics and notifications guide you through the manoeuvres.
  • Particularly useful when reversing out of a parking spot – our Reverse Traffic Detection warns you of vehicles, pedestrians or other hazards, approaching from either side of your car. The system will alert you with both audio and visual warnings so you know what’s behind you even when the view is obstructed.
  • Lane Keep Assist can help make long journeys much safer. It senses when your car is unintentionally drifting out of your lane, and gently steers you back.
  • Our Driver Condition Monitor knows if you’re starting to feel drowsy or fatigued - giving you an early warning when you need to take a break.
  • Our Blind Spot Monitor alerts you to vehicles in, or quickly approaching your blind spot. When a vehicle is detected, a small warning light will illuminate in the corresponding wing mirror. If you indicate in the direction of the obstacle, the warning light will flash to highlight potential danger.
  • Working with our Blind Spot Monitor, Blind Spot Assist can help prevent collisions. If your car detects another vehicle in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, Blind Spot Assist provides precisely calculated steering torque - guiding your car safely away from the approaching vehicle.
  • Our Lane Departure Warning can help make long journeys much safer. It senses when your car is unintentionally drifting out of your lane, and notifies you with a visual alert and a gentle vibration of the steering wheel.
  • In an emergency braking situation, your car is always ready. If a potential collision is detected, the car will give you a forward collision warning, giving you time to take action. If a collision is still anticipated and you have taken no action, our Autonomous Emergency Braking system will apply the brakes to help reduce the severity of the possible impact.
  • This system automatically switches between low and high beam when necessary, using a sensor mounted at the front of the rear view mirror.
  • If the brakes are applied rapidly, this system boosts braking force to the maximum for shorter stopping distances. It can also help retain greater steering control in unexpected situations.




  • InControl®is a suite of services and applications that connects you to your vehicle and links you seamlessly, and securely, with the outside world. Even when you’re away from the car, InControl® stays with you, making sure the Land Rover experience is more enjoyable than ever. Find out more about InControl®
  • Land Rover InControl Apps technology allows vehicle-optimised apps on your smartphone to be controlled through the vehicle’s Touch-screen, including Contacts, Calendar and Music Player. You can also download third-party apps offering a vast range of services. InControl Apps connects to your smartphone via a USB cable to the USB slot. Find out more about InControl Apps
  • Your smartphone acts as a portal to connect with your Land Rover using InControl Protect. You can check your fuel levels remotely, find your vehicle in a busy car park, record your journeys or even check you haven’t left a window open. Optimized Land Rover Assistance is also included which, in the unlikely event of a breakdown, can transmit diagnostic and location information to your recovery company. In serious incidents, SOS Emergency Call notifies the emergency services of your location. Find out more about InControl Protect
  • InControl Secure uses tracking technology to alert you to an attempted theft, and signals your vehicle's location to the relevant authorities, for a timely recovery. Find out more about InControl Secure
  • InControl Touch is the new standard multimedia system featuring an 8-inch Touch-screen with intuitive touch and swipe controls. It incorporates a cutting-edge navigation system with 2D or 3D maps and voice prompts. There’s seamless phone connectivity as well as climate, entertainment and vehicle controls to suit your mood. InControl Touch is the hub for many active safety features and additional optional extras. Find out more about InControl Touch
  • InControl Touch Pro is the most advanced multimedia system Land Rover has ever offered. The responsive multi-touch screen supports swipe and pinch gestures and delivers our richest ever audio-visual entertainment. To further enrich the experience there's also a fully customisable home screen, as well as natural voice control supporting commands such as 'more like this' for track selection. 10GB of the solid-state drive (SSD) is dedicated to media storage as well as enabling Gracenote album art to be displayed. Find out more about InControl Pro
  • Land Rover has partnered with Meridian, a world leader in high-performance audio technologies and digital sound processing, to develop advanced sound systems for Discovery Sport. The optional 825W Meridian Digital Surround Sound System includes 16 speakers and a dual channel subwoofer, delivering crystal clear highs and rich, deep bass notes throughout the cabin. You hear your music just how you want to.


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